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Made with real butter

Ingredients: Real butter, allulose, MCT oil, inulin, buttermilk powder, acacia gum

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Made with almond butter

Ingredients: Almond butter, allulose, turmeric, MCT oil, inulin, acacia gum


Coffee didn’t know what it was missing ‘til now

Boosted Brew makes adding quality fats to your morning coffee simple with no need to combine different MCT oil and butter products in a blender.

Boosted Brew’s Keto Coffee Enhancer has a smooth creamy texture that easily dissolves in coffee when you stir it in with your spoon. No blender required. Our nutrient-rich ingredients like quality MCT oil serve as enhancers to help add a boost to your day!

Plus, Boosted Brew contains zero added sugars per serving — and we´ve got plant-based options too!

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You’ll love what we’re made of

No added sugars  per serving

Made with low-cal sugar: allulose.

Dissolves like a liquid

None of that sticky goop like you used to drink.

Plant-based options

Our golden turmeric is made with almond butter.

Two terrific flavors

Not too sweet. No aftertaste. Just the good stuff.

Quick and convenient

Just scoop, stir and you’re ready to sip and kick start the day.


We got you.

Breakfast just got better 

A smart and satisfying way to fill up.

Start the day right

With a boost from quality MCT oil and allulose.


Give coffee your best shot in 3 easy steps



Add 1 tbsp of our mixture to your 8 oz coffee drink.

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Use your spoon to stir and watch the mixture dissolve in seconds. 



Sip knowing you’re kick starting your day with a boost.